paris photo 2019

Two talks at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, with Rocket Science

Friday, Nov. 9, 5PM: The Photography Magazine
With Anna Alix Koffi, Isabelle Evertse, Federica Chiocchetti, Rein Deslé, Flurina Rothenberger, Pauline Magnenat. Moderated by Aaron Schuman.

Sunday, Nov. 11, 10AM: The Fe(male) Gaze, An Introspect of Women in Photography Editing
With Jacqueline Bates, Emma Bowkett, Pauline Magnenat, Isabelle Evertse, Kristine Potter. Moderated by Frédérique Destribats.



new issue of rocket science

With Catherine Hyland, Jack Deese, Jacqueline Bates, Amelia Lang, Gillian Laub, Taylor Kay Johnson, Alessia Glaviano, Anya Jasbar, Ilaria Taschini, Sam Gregg, Paul D’Amato, Ashleigh Kane, Sem Langendijk, Kelsey Sucena, Al Thompson, Elizabeth Weinberg

Issue 8

interview with elizabeth renstrom

"The Weird, Wild World of VICE photo editor and photographer Elizabeth Renstrom"

Interview by Pauline Magnenat for The Luupe.


interviewed by penny de los santos

"Drive and Balance: Pauline Magnenat's refreshingly versatile creative process"

Interviewed by Penny de Los Santos for The Luupe